How can you contribute in reducing waste in your community?

Everybody wants to stay in a clean community and free from waste. If this is the kind of place, where I am staying, then I will even encourage others to relocate here. Why will I do that? It is because with a waste-free community, you know that you are far from sickness that you may acquire from wastes. Nobody wants to get sick and having a healthy body is important. So, a clean community is an ideal place for everybody to live.

Can you imagine living in a community, where you can find scattered wastes, stack of garbage bags in every corner and trash cans full of waste? With such a picture in mind, it means the community is populated with people and waste disposal problems. I can’t manage to stay in such communities. Can you manage it? I guess you don’t want such kind of communities, too. Something must be done to eliminate such disposal issues.

Ways to reduce waste in the community

As a responsible citizen, we must not let our people and our community suffer from illness that we may acquire due to improper waste disposal. Concerned individuals must do something. So, we have here some ways on how you can reduce waste in your community.


Small and big restaurants

If possible, you must avoid using disposable plates, cups, spoons and forks. It is even economical because you do not need to buy too much disposable material. Let’s say that you will only use disposable materials if the customer will dine out. If the customer will dine in, then better use glasswares. It is not just economical, but it also reduces waste. If these small and big restaurants do this, then the rate of daily generated wastes will greatly drop down.


Public places

There are parks in the community. If you are coming to have a picnic with your family or friends, then give yourself a rule.

  • Do not litter in the park to maintain cleanliness.
  • Bring your foods stored in reusable containers.
  • Do not bring and use disposable plates, spoons, forks and cups. You may wash them when you come back home, anyway.
  • Clean your spot before leaving the park.


Those are just a few of the things that a responsible citizen may do to reduce waste in the community. There are those who do not mind about waste management. It is time to inform them about the health risks of having a community with a waste disposal problem. Let us all encourage them to do things that can contribute to the reduction of generated wastes. If we can all actively participate, then it will benefit us and the future generations.

Ways to Help the community manage waste

Every resident would love to stay in a community with a clean environment and free from waste. Of course, every homeowner would be glad to see that their whole family is safe and far from any health hazard that people might get because of improper waste disposal or too much waste. Do you know that a community with much waste generated is an unsafe community? Why did I say so? If you are staying in a community with the bulk of wastes, then there is a chance of risking your health because of land and water bacteria and toxic contamination. Now, would you like to do something to help your community, especially if your place is generating tons of waste? I believe that every town or city has ordinances, rules and regulations regarding the collection of wastes. But, is it enough to simply generate waste and let garbage collectors collect your waste no matter how much you generated? In my opinion, residents must not only be responsible in gathering and disposing waste. They must also do something to help the community and be responsible in managing their waste at home.

Ways in helping the Community

As a resident and a homeowner of a community, you must be responsible in helping and promoting proper waste disposal and management. I believe that you are aware about the problems that wastes are a cause of some health risks that you may also acquire if wastes are not managed well. So, we have here some ways for you to consider. So that you will not only generate wastes at home. Instead, you can act as a leader to encourage every resident to help you in managing wastes in your community.


You may suggest to your mayor or president of your homeowner organization to come up with a program about recycling. Let’s say that you are going to gather recyclable wastes from home. And then you may set a schedule when the community representatives or volunteers are going to collect those recyclable wastes. Paper, plastic, glass, metal and aluminum are some of the wastes that you may gather. If all residents will actively participate in the said program, then a bunch of money may be collected. Your community may use that to fund some activities or improvements of the public spots such as parks and street lights of garbage cans. Through this program, you are not only being responsible in managing your wastes. But, also helping to improve the community as well.


Do you have lakes, swamps or rivers around your community? If you have, then you may form a group and help the people in-charge in cleaning the water. There are still those responsible citizens, who dumps wastes near on the water. If you can’t stop or catch them, then the best thing that you can do is to help in cleaning the water. Do you know that if the water is dumped with wastes, then water will be polluted, becomes dirt and fishes will die. When that happens, then you will be restricted from catching fish, swimming and sailing on the water. In that case some outdoor activities and recreation means will be lessened. Those are not good, so we should not let our community suffer.