How can you reach us?

We believe that there are many concerned residents and homeowners in a community. We also believe that these people are aware about various issues regarding waste management. Some of you might have a lot of questions regarding waste management. There might also be residents who have ideas, opinions and suggestions on how to dispose waste or keep the community active in participating or encouraging others to join waste management programs. These people must have a way to share their thoughts. Through this website blog, you can voice out yourself.

We would highly appreciate your sincerity. Please, feel free to keep in touch with us. You may post us your messages via e-mail. Our e-mail address is The Mega Cosmos blog site encourages everybody to help your community solve waste management issues. We have an editorial team, who will strictly check your messages.

We will only accept community issues. Any message that is off our topic will be ignored. One to bulk of messages that we are receiving every day, please be patient in waiting for a response to your queries. We are trying our best to reach you in the soonest time. Thank you for your participation and patience.