Waste Management Programs in the Community

If you are living in a clean and waste-free community, then you would surely love to stay there for the rest of your life. But, if your community has irresponsible and undisciplined citizens, then staying there is a big question. Especially, if the people in your community, do not even know how to dispose their waste properly, then that is a big disappointment.
Nobody will ever dreamed of staying in such community because of so many reasons. First, if the environment is dirty, then insects and rats will be wandering on those messes. Second, with such waste scattered everywhere, then every individual in the community is risking their health to possible illness that may be acquired. This only shows that such community is not safe for everybody. So, would you still choose to live there?
In every community, cleanliness must be maintained. That is possible if every citizen staying in this community will help each other. When it comes to waste management, it can’t be done by a single person. It needs everyone’s cooperation and willingness to have a clean community. So, as an individual, what can you do to maintain cleanliness of the surroundings?
We have community leaders, right? The best thing that they can do is to impose rules and regulations about waste disposal. And then, a strict implementation of these rules and regulations must be done. Let us take this as a responsibility and not a rule. We can also treat this as a community program, where every individual is encouraged to join and participate.

Community waste managemet program

What are in the program?

Garbage Collection
There must be a schedule set when the garbage collector will come and pick the wastes. And then, the waste must not be seen outside the house if there is no schedule. Whoever is caught with wastes outside their house or dumping waste wherever in the community must be fined with a certain amount. In such way the streets will look clean and won’t have bad smell every day.

No Littering Signs
There must be No Littering Signs within the community. If you are eating in the park, then you have to bring your own garbage bag and bring your waste with you. Whoever is caught for leaving wastes or loitering around must be fined with a certain amount.

Collecting fines must not be an issue. This is just a way to remind the people that they need to behave and disciple themselves. If they will follow the rules, then no fines will be collected from them.

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